Sound Solutions Canada joins eightforty


October 14, 2022 // eightforty and Sound Solutions Inc. today announced a definitive agreement under which Sound Solutions Inc. will become part of the eightforty group of companies. 

This strategic partnership will enhance the companies’ competitive positioning in an evolving audiovisual installations landscape, creating new growth opportunities, enhanced service delivery for clients, and increased resources to expand expertise and technical innovation.

“Our dedication to customer success is at the core of this union,” said Dylan Waite, co-founder of eightforty. ”With expanded capabilities, service and technologies, we will be able to accelerate our combined momentum to boost our position in Canada and, crucially, help more customers to succeed.”

“The synergy within this partnership is exceptional,” said Curt Palme, owner of Sound Solutions. “Together, we will enhance the client experience with diversified expertise, wider access to audiovisual technologies, plus an even greater level of service each company is renowned for.”

While integration is finalized, the combined entity will operate under its respective legacy names for the short term, upholding the hallmark values of each: operational excellence, a human-first approach to technology, and a flawless customer service experience.

“Ours was a company born out of a different way of doing things,” said Andrew Sykes, co-founder of eightforty. “And, like Sound Solutions, we believe in an integrous approach to servicing our customers by recommending only the most effective and essential components of a solution.”

Big news. Bigger headquarters.

Neither company’s existing facilities were large enough to house the talented and now-blended team. Day-to-day operations and client management will be largely unchanged as the company relocates to a brand new head office at 1585 E Kent Avenue N, Vancouver BC

Dylan concluded: “In the coming months, as we continue our integration, the market will see subtle changes in how we look, feel, and sound as these two great brands come together. But make no mistake: the things loved most about each company will remain. We’re taking the best of both to give our clients even more of what they love.”

Have Questions? Check out our Q&A document for some highlights on how were bringing together these 2 great companies.

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